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In addition to the beautiful and elegant coats and accessories William Furs has for sale, we offer a full range of services for your fur and leather needs - Fur Shearing; Reversible; Magnetic Closures; Restyling; Fur Re-Dyeing; Fur Brightening; Monograms; Fur and Leather Repairs; Fur Cleaning, Reconditioning, and Glazing; Leather and Suede Cleaning and Care; Cold Storage; Layaway; Trade-In; Consignment; Appraisals/Estimates; and Rentals.

We have on site staff to help you with alterations, repairs, and cleaning to your fur and leather items.  They can help you with:
Fur Shearing
Is your coat too heavy or would you like to update the appearance of your fur?  We offer fur shearing services to reduce the weight of the coat.   Any long hair can be sheared. In addition to making the garment lighter in weight, it also changes the texture and appearance of the fur. It gives you a whole new, fun, stylish look to an outdated garment. 
We can shear the whole coat or shear the body and sleeves leaving a tuxedo collar and   cuffs of the long hair adding a fun style to your garment.
Let us transform your coat, stroller, jacket, or vest into a reversible garment that you      can wear several months out of the year.  Run your errands with your reversed taffeta raincoat or leather side out, and then dress it up on the fur side for a night out!  They are beautiful and versatile and are more cost effective than the purchase of 2 coats.

Magnetic Fasteners
 Have broken hooks, difficult snaps, or lost buttons? Ask us about the durable and easy to use magnetic fur fasteners.
Restyling (Turn Old Into Gold) 
Fur is an investment because it keeps its value. Fur has its own style; classic, yet contemporary. Your fur can be remodeled and passed down through the generations. It is not something that loses its value. If your older fur is just hanging in your closet or you just want a new look to your fur, this is the best time to restyle it for a new, fun and fashionable look. We can restyle your fur to include minor to major adaptations, integration of suede, leather, poplin, or other materials. We can make a long coat into a jacket, a jacket into a vest, stoles into jackets, use the left over fur to create a cape, collars, headband and the list goes on...
Fur Re-Dyeing
Are you tired of wearing the same fur and is it just sitting in your closet?  Bring it in to William Furs and we can give it a vibrant new color so you can wear it with your newest fashions. 
All types of furs can be redyed. Natural colors are best for redying, however previously dyed furs can be dyed as well. Light colors can be redyed to darker colors. We can add a new lining to match the new color of your fur.
Fur Brightening
If you have inherited or acquired an older fur that has begun to oxidize or turn yellow, we offer fur brightening services to restore the fur to bring out the natural colors and brighten the look of the fur.   
White Furs tend to oxidize (turn yellowish in color) over the years. This can be treated to make the color 50% to 60% brighter, whiter and better.  This cycle revitalizes furs from oxidation, make-up stains and the various discoloring which occurs in the life of a fur garment. Lynx coats with white fox trim are also treated with color added brightener to make the Lynx brighter. 
Want to personalize your coat or jacket?  We have the machinery and experience to do this for you.
Fur and Leather Repairs
The smallest rip, torn seam or unraveling buttonhole requires immediate attention. Minor fur damages have a way of becoming major, costly ones before you know it. 
Fur Cleaning, Reconditioning, and Glazing
Dust particles will collect on your furs while they are being worn or hanging in your closet.  If the dust particles are not taken care of, they can cause the guard hairs to   break off.  In addition, natural human skin oils, dirt and natural pollutants can damage the condition of the fur. Cleaning the fur also conditions the hide to preserve the natural   oils which reduces the effects of drying, cracking, tearing and shedding. It also helps prevent the damage moths can cause by removing any eggs left behind.  The best thing to do is to bring your fur in annually to be cleaned, conditioned, and glazed to bring back your fur’s luster and keep the pelts soft.
Leather and Suede Cleaning and Care
Professional leather or suede cleaning is recommended as needed, depending upon the wear and use of your jacket or coat. Normal dry cleaning methods are not advised. Cleaning leather differs from cleaning fabric; the process to clean leather or suede treats the leather by pulling oils and stains from the garment and replenishing it with natural oils to give the garment a clean, fresh, brand new look and feel to it. We also recommend water and stain repellent for your leather jacket for only $30.00. Leather Cleaning done on premises with turnaround time only a few days NOT weeks.

Cold StorageAnchor
It kept you warm all winter:  now keep it cool all summer.  Your fur deserves the very best of care.  Protect it against the drying effects of summer's heat by keeping all your furs in cold storage. This helps keep the pelts from drying out, preserving its natural oils and reducing the cost of repairs due to drying, cracking and tearing pelts.

Purchase/Sales OptionsAnchor

Put your dream fur on layaway for as long as six months with no finance charges.  No credit checks are required.

Trade It In
Is your coat sitting in storage or just hanging in the closet year after year because it is out of style or doesn’t fit?  Now is the time to consider trading in your older styles for beautiful, gorgeous new fashions.  We have a 10,000 square foot showroom with a huge selection of furs and leathers in the latest trends and fashions to choose from.

If you are not into furs anymore or don’t like the style or fit of your furs, we can let you know the fair value and help you price your garment accordingly.  We charge an average 50% commission fee.

Using our expert knowledge of the fur markets and current values, we will personally appraise your fur garment to advise you on the insurance coverage you need to protect your investment.  This will help you make adjustments so that you are not paying too much or too little for your coverage.  Appraisals are recommended every couple of years.  Our appraisal services are $50 per coat.  Written Estimates $20.

William Furs provides a large selection of preowned furs for rental purposes.